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Exhibited at Florida International University in 2005
Film Installation I
Film Canisters
16' X 8'

The film installation physically demonstrates the path followed by the artist as a 1-hour photo lab technician within an 8 hour work day. The over 6,000 used film canisters were acquired in the duration of 3 months while employed at the lab from general public business to the one location.

Using surveillance camera video tapes of the work area, a television and sharpie, the artist was able to trace his movements within the space for an 8 hour shift and found a rhythmic pattern in the movements of his surroundings. Tracing over his path on a sheet of acetate, he later acquired the massive quantity of film canisters in order to fully recreate the space of the photo lab floor plan and arrange the capsules in a form reflective of his movement within the space.