Terminal A - St. Anthony

Directed by David Tamargo

St. Anthony is about an encounter the band had with a man who they nursed through a mental break down. He had confessed to being brutally raped by his boyfriend, he told them as strangers, because he felt there was no space for a man to voice such woes, and had been afraid to tell his family.

Exploring toxicity of anger in the expressed as well as suppressed- how it affects the psyche and the very nature of being or feeling human, how it spreads, who it affects, what it suffocates, how it manifests, where it escapes. The band members themselves will embody a duality of it's expression; Lee as internalized; Collin as externalized. As they both struggle with their own consumption, they more and more desperately attempt to rid themselves of this powerful force (physically manifested through chroma key slime filled with images of natural order and destruction). With an acknowledgement that it comes from within, they attempt to purge it from their body. With eyes, face, and mouth covered, they can no longer see. They can no longer breathe. Nothing can cleanse them of this, and in a final act, Collin, driving the car, attempts to kill it at the source- themselves, ultimately crashing the car.

Director of Photography Robert Kerian
Edited by Leila Jarman and Melisa Dougherty
Special Effects +VFX Supervision by Melisa Dougherty
Asst. VFX by Anne Petrokubi
Anna Zlokovich 1st AD
G+E by Adonai Interiano
Makeup by Viola Perkins
Special Effects Makeup by Melisa Dougherty
Asst. Makeup by Tristene Roman
Produced by Luka Fisher
Co-Produced by David Tamargo
Associate Produced by Melisa Dougherty
Based on a concept by David Tamargo and Melisa Dougherty